12 Reading Thrills from 2016

Nadia L King, a Perth writer, promoter, reviewer and all-round wonder, highlights some of her favourite reads in 2016.

Nadia L King

2016  will stand out for me as a brilliant year; it was the year my first book, Jenna’s Truth, was published. But it was also a year of terrific reads.

I tackled War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (1.) Yep, I read all 1,215 pages of that blasted book and I hated it. I never understood how anyone could want to burn a book until I read this monster. My review from Goodreads was short and sweet: This was the longest book ever and by the end I hated it. Tolstoy just didn’t know when to stop. I loved the main characters although it’s a pity I had to wade through so much other stuff to get the story I wanted to read. Definitely not on my list to reread and utterly unlike Anna Karenina which for the record, I adored. A thrilling read because much vodka was needed to finish this millstone.

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