‘Just Kids’ by Patti Smith

‘Just Kids’, by Patti Smith I was first introduced to Robert Mapplethorpe when I was 19, sitting with 300 psych students making notes on week three’s ‘human sexuality’ lecture. Next to me slouched my best friend and flatmate, with whom I’d taken the previous semester’s ‘philosophy and sex’. We were both, back in then, in our different… Continue reading ‘Just Kids’ by Patti Smith

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1 24 March Early Wednesday morning my sister drives me to the private hospital. My name’s called in the waiting room and I’m led through double doors, shown into a small office. A vivacious nurse questions me about fasting, allergies, former operations. I’m weighed, ‘so they give you the right amount of anaesthetic,’ and handed… Continue reading Dollarbirds

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The Zoological Vertebrate Laboratory

The Zoological Vertebrate Laboratory Jan listens patiently as I explain the difficulty I’m having trying to turn the body of the black-shouldered kite inside out. She digs her scalpel into a square of foam and places her large, knowing hands over the head of the juvenile bird, smoothing the russet-tipped crown feathers. ‘You’ve done a good… Continue reading The Zoological Vertebrate Laboratory