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Golden Bowerbird

An adult male ring-tailed possum lay across the footpath, a knot of hair protruding from its anus, tail stiff with rigor mortis. Its eyes were glossy, its tongue fat and pink, fresh blood glistening along the top edge. Ingrid checked her watch. There was still time. She’d just set out and was cold, but her… Continue reading Golden Bowerbird


Biographical Sketch of Elizabeth Gould

Elizabeth Gould, 1830s, unknown artist Elizabeth Gould (nee Coxen) was born in 1804, in Ramsgate, Kent, to a military family. While little is known of her early life, at twenty-two, Elizabeth was employed as a governess, residing in James Street, London. Her young charge, Harriet Rothery, was the nine year old daughter of the chief… Continue reading Biographical Sketch of Elizabeth Gould