The Bee and the Orange Tree

The Bee and the Orange Tree (Affirm Press, 2019) Buy Here Watch the book trailer It’s 1699, and the salons of Paris are bursting with the creative energy of fierce, independent-minded women. But outside those doors, the patriarchal forces of Louis XIV and the Catholic Church are moving to curb their freedoms. In this battle… Continue reading The Bee and the Orange Tree


An (almost) unbearable wait

In the lead up to the publication of my first novel, I’ve attempted to keep sane by easing myself every now and again into the murky waters of a new writing project. It hasn’t been easy, in the midst of a tight editing and publicity schedule, to find the necessary mental space to contemplate, let alone begin, the obsessive process of coaxing… Continue reading An (almost) unbearable wait


Sneak Preview: Sumptuous Artwork

The Birdman’s Wife: Artwork In her eleven year career working as principal artist for her husband John Gould, Elizabeth Gould drew, painted and lithographed some 650 hand-coloured lithographs to illustrate the couple’s magnificent folios, featuring many of the world’s most beautiful bird species. Elizabeth, who was not a professionally trained artist, learned lithography from Edward… Continue reading Sneak Preview: Sumptuous Artwork


Leaves of a Diary

Searching for Elizabeth Gould in the Archives of the Mitchell Library ‘Who was Elizabeth Gould (1804-1841), and why has her name now been elevated to equal status with that of John Gould?’ wonders Roselyn Russell (2009: 1), author of the recent biography The Business of Nature: John Gould and Australia (2011). While the taxonomist and… Continue reading Leaves of a Diary