Books Create Australia: Sign the campaign to save Australian literature by stopping the parallel importation of books

Join Books Create Australia’s campaign to protect literary culture in Australia: our book industry, the livelihood of our authors and our unique Australian stories. Show your support today by signing Books Create Australia’s petition to The Hon. Scott Morrison, MP, to stop the parallel importation of books and save Australian literature.


Quoted from Books Create Australia’s Facebook page:

“The Australian government has set an agenda to boost competition and encourage innovation by recommending changes to the way books are published that will put the local book publishing industry at risk.

Cheaper books sounds good … but at what cost to writers, culture and jobs? The unproven economic model suggested by the Productivity Commission does not guarantee cheaper books. Is the chance of getting 10% cheaper books worth it?”Key Issues:

1. Term of Copyright: recommended to change from death + 70 years, like the US and UK markets to 15 – 25 years from publication.
— This means anyone can publish a book that is pre-2001 without the person who wrote its involvement. Think Man Book Prize winners, like Peter Carey’s ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’, Tom Keneally’s ‘Schindler’s Ark’ and Stephanie Alexander’s ‘A Cooks Companion’.

2. Parallel Importation Rules: recommended to be abolished.
— Australia would no longer be playing on a level playing field. We would give away intellectual property rights without gaining any reciprocal rights with the world’s biggest book-creating nations – the USA and the UK – that maintain their own home market rights. Holding Australian rights to publish a book is the basis on which publishers invest $120M per annum in our local economy by partnering with and paying authors, hiring staff, printing and marketing books.

3. Fair use: recommend US-style fair use to enable large enterprises, including ISPs and educational institutions to use book content for free, without rewarding creators.
— Would we expect a desk and chair manufacturer to provide furniture for classrooms for free? This change has the potential to destroy Australian education publishing. How will it be viable to produce content?”

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