Reading List Recommendations for The Birdman’s Wife: 2016-2017

fullersbookstorereadingMeredith Jaffe, Hoopla, Best Books of 2016

Australian Book Review 2016 Books of the Year

Summer Holiday Reading by Susan Wyndham 11 January 2017 Sydney Morning Herald

Reading Thrills from 2016 by Nadia L King, Author

The Big Bookclub

Here is Wendy’s top ten for the year –

1. The Secret Recipe for Second Chances – J D Barrett
2. Of Ashes and Rivers that Run to the Sea – Marie Munkara
3. The Easy Way Out – Steven Amsterdam
4. The Birdman’s Wife – Melissa Ashley
5. The Dry – Jane Harper
6. Shtum – Jem Lester
7. The Hands – Stephen Orr
8. Where the Trees Were – Inga Simpson
9. The Things We Keep – Sally Hepworth
10.The One Who Got Away – Caroline Overington

Go to our website for all of the reviews – click on the magnifying glass and search by title.

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50 Great Reads by Australian Women in 2016: Readings Bookstore

The books we loved: Australian writers nominate their favourite reads of 2016, Sydney Morning Herald

Kobo Open Up: The Very Best Books of 2016 (Australia)

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